Seventh Mini Challenge

Bianca Wynters


For my half drag look I decided to do a darker themed because it really symbolizes alot for me, one being though Bianca loves to be fish, I consider Bianca Cory’s “Dark side”. Though I had originally did my regular “fish” look I feel like Im being too consistant so I rethought and tried again and the dark theme just happened to perfectly! The dark themed makeup is very hard compared to my regular softer looks and after being in the bottom 2 last week I wanted to show yall that for the rest of the competition Im coming hard, Im not holding anything back and Im on a mission to win the “crown”! So dont try to get in my way or youll end up with matching claw marks! ;) 

Nacho: (A disclaimer before I write: I haven’t slept in about 48 hours, finals week is kicking ass, but I’mma push through that for all of y’all!) I see you tried to give us something different. It’s looking great! Your paint makes your eye look bigger, and your nose contour is spot on. Really digging your overdrawn lips because they’re looking marvelous! The clothes adds to the effect, and you were the only one who did it, so props to you! I think you did a very nicely done job.

Nicole: I love this look! I’m glad that we got a look from you that was different. I love your fish look, but it was getting a bit old and I’m glad that you tried something different. No matter how far you get from your look, please never get rid of that button nose! I love your button nose and I think that it’s definitely Miss. Bianca Wynters’ signature. I love the placement of the shadow on your face and how you were able to execute it. I also just like the general hard edge we are getting from this look, which isn’t something we typically see from you.This look reminds me of Phi Phi on the first episode of Season 4, where she had the same claw marks on her eyes. Only problem I have with it is the hair. The hair doesn’t really go with this look. I think if your hair was straightened and made a bit more crazy, then it would have made more sense. The signature Bianca curls doesn’t really work with this look. I also like the fact that you were able to have half of your outfit in this look and maintain your boy drag on the other side. Overall, I think you did a good job, I just would have liked some tiny changes to it.

Fawn: I LOVE that you took our critiques and gave us a different look. Especially something so different from your usual fishy makeup. I really like the dark contour on your cheek, though I think it’s a little too dark on your nose (giving us Jinkx Monsoon toward the beginning of the season). I think the claw marks around your eye flow nicely and your crease is cut in the perfect spot. It’s a just little uneven near the top of your eye. I like that you defined your eyebrows against the black makeup and I like that you used the white powder trick on your lips to make them look shinier. You look almost like Kitana meets KISS. I appreciate that you made the two halves of your top look different and pulled back your hair on one side, but it’s getting to a point in the competition where we need to be stricter. If you’re going to use your natural hair, you really need to step it up, style the hell out of it, and make it look different every week.



I’m just a teenage cross dressing boy from a small town in California. My drag persona is just honestly myself, just more fierce and slutty. Again, since I have not been doing drag for a long time, i still have not fully found my drag self. I plan on doing big and great things with my drag, but most importantly i just wanna have fun with drag and eat fried chicken.

Nacho: Your cheek contour’s shape looks a bit odd. It doesn’t seem like it’s dark enough. Same with the nose contour. Your lips are looking great though! Overall I definitely can see a change in there, and I really love your brow. You draw them on so nice and clean. Your lashes are killing me. Nicely done with upper AND lower lashes. Overall you did a nice job.

Nicole: Hmm, I’m not really sure I like the drag look on you. First of all, I don’t really like the gray hair with it. Not just the color, but the style of it to just looks awkward. Actually other than the hair I think that the look is fine. The eye shadow shape looks good, I just would have made the crease more curved as it got closer to your nose. Along with that, I would have made more of an effort to blend.I think that it would have looked better if you were to make the outer corner of your eye dark as hell and have it gradually fade it into the pink/purple that’s on your lid. Also, I’m a bit dissapointed that you didn’t really contour for this look, your nose or your cheek. If you did and it’s just not sharper, I would suggest going darker. Sometimes, cameras find it hard to pick up the little details, so if you go darker then it would notice it. Just learn how your camera works with your drag and work with it. Lastly, I love the lips. I wouldn’t change a thing about them. I love the shape and the color. I’m glad that you are taking time to discover who you want to be as a drag queen. Just experiment with what you think will work for you and learn what doesn’t work for you. Overall, pretty good job, I would’ve just changed a few things to this look. P.S. Reyes is looking cute ;)

Fawn: I can see what you were trying to do with this look, and I like it, but there are a lot of little details that throw it off for me. Your contouring is barely visible. Your lips look really good, but they’re a little awkward at the corner. Your crease, though it’s at the right place, doesn’t look like a crease. It looks more like a line of makeup with no depth to it, and it doesn’t follow the shape of your eye past the arch. I love the shape of your eyebrows, but the white underneath should never pass them on the inside. I would have liked to see your eyebrows start where the white starts. I like that you wore lashes on the top and bottom of your eye. I think you need a little more practice applying the lower ones, but it does take practice. I still can’t even do it right. I’m not a fan of the gray wig and I don’t think it’s a good length for your face. Overall, I do like your look and I love that you’re experimenting and trying new things. It just needs a little more polishing. And can I just say that I never noticed what a cute boy you are!

Mistress Magick


So for my half drag look, I decided to do more of a high drag look than usual. I also gave bright blonde hair since it’s a look I haven’t really given before. This was really just a chance for me to experiment with some new styles and looks, and to test my makeup skills. And I think it turned out pretty cool! I definitely learned a lot that I can incorporate into my future looks!

Nacho: I think blonde is your color of hair! Your brow is looking marvelous, and that cheek contour slays. Your lips look great, except *insert Nicole’s advice here*. Try to get as close to the lip corner as possible so it still kind of looks natural. Also, keeping your left side unshaved really adds to the effect. I’m really impressed with your work!

Nicole: First of all I just want to say: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! Oh my god Mistress. OH MY GOD. Hands down my favorite look from you ever! I think that the glam look is very charming on you! Now you know you can pull off either spook or glam! Honestly I am in shock from this. I wasn’t expecting this high of quality from you! You are definitely the underdog in this competition because bitch, I wasn’t able to see this coming! I just love everything. I am glad that you FINALLY listened to me about bigger lips! Only thing is, when doing bigger lips, you shouldn’t stray away from your mouth on the outer corners, but surprisingly it looks good in this picture. The eye is a bit simple, but I think that it works with this look. Lastly, I’ll talk about my faves in this look. The contours. Oh lawd they are SICKENING. I think that your cheek contour is perfect and your nose looks good as well. Just maybe take it in more so it would be thinner. Lastly, I love the blonde look you are giving! I think that blonde might be your color gurl cus all of the blonde looks you gave us have probably been your best. Overall OUTSTANDING JOB Mistress. Really surprised by you with this look.

Fawn: Yours is the most extreme transformation by far! You look AMAZING! I think there are a few details that still need some work (your brows are showing a little, your eye shadow is pretty simple, and I don’t see much of a crease) but overall, you look great. I love you as a blonde, and I hope you continue to wear light hair. Your makeup looks so much softer without the harsh black eyebrows, even though the contouring and white base still give it that hard edge. I think this look is a good combination of both. The lower lashes really help open up your eye. I wish I could see the top ones a little better, but that might just be the angle of the picture. I like the way you overdraw your lips, but next time I would suggest giving them a little more dimension, like how Bon Queef Queef’s are.

Saya Nara


For this look I wanted to stay true to Saya’s signature red, yellow and black colours, but I also wanted to paint a little different and combine the classic drag “checkmark” cheek with a twist of pageant girl. Adding a more appropriate eyebrow shape to compliment my facial structure. I enjoyed the combination of harsh contouring and soft brow. The volume and burgundy colour in the hair added a sexy feel to the whole look. Overall my inspiration for this look came from what I think an old school drag queen would do if she would join the pageant scene. (With a twist of Saya, of course ;] )  

Nacho: Yes, maybe she’s born with it, and maybe she paints the shit out of her face. I value the fact that you clog your pores with all the makeup, which really does make you look more like a drag queen. The work you did to your eye is looking phenomenal. Digging your overdrawn lip, and the half wig. One thing however is that your new brow looks a little to think at the beginning. Other than that, you’re looking great! I see the different between you and Saya, and it looks nice! Really great work!

Nicole: You and I both love the style of old fashioned drag. I’m glad that you stick with that! Overall I like the makeup job. The cheek contour is probably my favorite part. Some people would say that it’s a little bit much, but I disagree with that. I think that it is just right, especially since you were going for a more old fashioned drag style. I also like the paleness of your drag side. It is giving some “Let them eat cake!” realness in my opinion, and I LIVE for Marie Antoinette. The thing that is bugging me the most about this look, though, is the eye! I am surprised that it’s not as polished as it usually is. I think that this look would have been better with a thinner brow. I think the brow looks good on you, just not with the old fashioned drag look because it is clashing 2 different styles. Also the crease looks a little messed up too toward the end. It looks too long for the eye and it’s throwing me off a bit. Lastly, to end on a high note, I like the nose contour and lips! It looks like you went thinner with the nose and I’m glad that you did. Also, the lips look so luscious gurl. You did a great job with this, it was just the clashing of the styles throwing me off a bit.

Fawn: And that is how you cut a crease. Your eyes look amazing and your oldstyle contour is flawless. I actually like the combination of the pageanty face with the harsh club kid eye. A lot of people wouldn’t think to combine those two styles of drag, but it works for Nina Flowers and it works for you. I love the red lips and that smiley kind of pout they’re drawn into. The only thing I don’t absolutely love about your makeup is the eyebrow. I like the shape, but I think it’s a little thick and I don’t like that it touches your crease. I think the burgundy hair was a good choice for this look and this is probably one of the best faux queen transformations that I’ve seen. You look like a straight up drag queen, and a talented one at that.

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