~Fifth Mini Challenge - Rita Bane~

For my look, I wanted to give you sleek lines, and glamour. Traditional pageant girl, with a more sleek twist. I chose black, because it’s reflective to the colors I like best, I went with a more simple mug (and big lashes, if ya couldn’t tell), to show off the jewels and the gown. My drag persona isn’t the girl next door. She’s not the sugary sweet fishy girl. She’s a lean, mean, drag queen machine. We all know that the expression “I don’t bite… hard.” is the furthest away from the truth for Rita. She’ll chew you up and spit you out, given the chance.

Nicole: First of all, I just want to say I love your padding. It goes very well with your body. I like how you look in this look as a whole. I like the dress (mopped from Saya’s main challenge 2?), the hair, and surprisingly the fan.  I was gonna get pissed at you for using that damn fan again, but I think it went well with your overall look. I also like the hair, but I wish that the hairline would’ve looked a bit less blunt. Also, your makeup, I was also going to get on you for this since it’s similar to most of your normal makeup, but you are supposed to be showcasing you as a drag queen and I think sticking with that makeup was a great idea on your part. I feel like you could’ve given a bit more personality in your video though by being a bit more over the top. In sum, great job Rita. P.S. I loved you and Saya’s video. The shade doe ;)

Fawn: Your timing with that fan was perfect, omg. Your body looks great in that dress, but I think it would have looked better if the dress showed some skin. Either a lower neckline, or some cutouts in the sides, or even a higher slit. It was just a lot of black, especially with the dark hair. Your wig is beautiful; it moves like human hair. Your makeup looks good from what I can see (the lashes are a huge improvement), but your lips kind of blend in to your skin, especially with the bold eye makeup. I think you accessorized this dress very well (especially the sparkly necklace against it) and the fan is becoming your new trademark. It’s always good to have a trademark.

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